”On Thursday – we will prototype the future!”

6 november 2012

On Thursday November 8th, IBM and Protothon will invest a full day in a unique meeting, a meeting between technology and marketing. As some of you might know, I often write and talk about how we live and operate in a rapidly changing world with a racing technology development and an increasing need for innovation.

A hundred years from now, generations after us will look back at this historical period in time, as the shift when we started making sense of the technology and truly started benefitting from the loads of data all our machinery and interaction creates.

The historians of that time will point to a few key characteristics of the organizations whom seized the opportunities and not only survived, but also excelled in this shift and managed to transform their models:

1) The organizations that excelled learned how to make sense of the available data inside and outside of the firewall – to make the right decisions more often.

2) They also formed new, and sometimes unexpected partnerships in order to truly focus on their own core business and to invent new Client value.

3) They also recognized the shift to social media, not only as being a new way of communicating, but as a powerful way of knowledge sharing and cross collaborations, where our Nordic leadership styles with less focus on hierarchy and information control and our natural inclusive style worked as a role model.

In this future world, we see that the roles represented in this event – the head of marketing and the head of technology – combined – is truly the future of innovation and the proof of collaboration.

I really believe that IT and marketing working together will be crucial for any companies’ success in the future.

We want to prove the power of this alliance, by bringing together a selected group of IBM Client CIO’s and CMO’s, recognized as forward thinkers by their peers. Their unique professional experiences and insights will mentor and inspire designers, developers and artists and together they will brainstorm and team in world class interdisciplinary groups. We will cover themes from banking to commerce, energy to entertainment, these bright minds will prototype apps, experiences and products as possible solutions to issues facing the future of our businesses – and together build a Smarter Planet.

I’m really looking forward to Prototyping the future – we will use this day to collaborate, share and find creative solutions that will make our organizations better equipped to meet the future. Stay tuned for the result of the day!

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